The name

The choice of the name – Brera – it’s a tribute to Milan and Italian art. Milan the metropolitan city, but also a center of international culture, privileged place of design, fashion and style. Art as human work that is able to excite. And there is nothing as exciting as a bicycle. The artwork in motion.

On two wheels for more than 70 years

More than 70 years of experience in the two-wheeler world, a new brand that looks at the past to build his future, a guarantee of classy and elegance. This, and more, is Brera Cycles. The bicycle is the the guide of our journey, the guide towards something new, the guide through travels and explorations. The guide of of a traditional product of the Italian craftsmanship.
Brera offers a bicycle suitable for everyone, a design object, not in a purely aesthetic sense, but as an instrument which is able to trigger a positive change in our way of life. From the creative process till the productive one, in every Brera item there’s the will to valorize the Italian craftsmanship, universally synonymous of quality and style.
With strong bonds to our glorious tradition, we have chosen to let us support by cutting edge technical solutions, combined with our great experience. A decades-long experience.
The result is a bicycle proposed in its essence, in its simplicity and which can arise an authentic feeling.
These feelings make us discover the pleasure of a simple gesture to get rid of everyday pressures and try every day the first ride emotion.

Our Plus

The bicycle world is constantly evolving so we don’t stop too! Inspiring by the past, we look forward to the future and our bicycles combine tradition and innovation, technical vision with a maniac attention to design, quality and style.


Craftsmanship quality! Our bikes born with fantasy, dedication and care, thanks to the strong Italian tradition, our craftsmanship creations have the plus of this absolute and inimitable charm.


choice, as balance, measure, sensibility, distinctive object which doesn’t go unnoticed. Brera bicycles stand out and make people different.

Made in Italy

Our bicycles are proud of this absolute value: acknowledge and wanted all over the world for its reliability, for the inspiration and the original design, for the length and safety, for the emotion that is able to give at every usage.