Brera Velocipede – Bike4trade Review

Bike4Trade, important b2b Italian magazine, has tried our jewel – BRERA Velocipede – on the streets of Milan! Velocipede is a contemporary reinterpretation of a classic: the road sports bike. It takes the best of Italian tradition in terms of bicycles and adds some goodies that make it a unique and standout product. It is designed for urban use and for low maintenance, is equipped with belt-driven transmission and Shimano Nexus three-speed gearbox. It is perfect also for commuting, Brera Velocipede has no parts that need lubrication. The comments of those who have tried it: “an object with a truly unique and refined design, makes us think that you could convince your boss to let you bring it to the office. The lightweight aluminum frame is sporty but not exasperated and so comfortable”. “We tried it for a whole day in Milan and it certainly did not go unnoticed. Many asked us questions about her, everyone asked us where we could buy. This bike is agile and fast in traffic but also comfortable, the geometries facilitate rideability and allow a relaxed position. The comfortable padded knobs and the saddle do the rest, never puts in trouble, just a little matter: you are continually stopped by those who ask for information about her!”